Oh, you’re here! So, you either love to shake it off, jump around, break it down or just watch , am I right? Lucky for you all of this is what “Shake That” is about. My name’s Janaye Kerr, and I am a dance addict. Popping, locking, jamming, fist pumping, turning, and learning…I just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff.

I’m currently a college student in Boston, and a member of my college’s (Suffolk University) African hip-hop dance team, and if someone were to ask me what my favorite part of being a member of this team is, my answer would not be the group get-togethers or the funky costumes (though those are always fun to wear). My answer would be that I’m constantly learning. Having only had several years of formal training in ballet and having jumped from one type of dance to the next, I knew that it wasn’t realistic to have an actual dance career, but that never meant that I had to stop learning! In fact, I’ve got a whole bucket list full of dance classes and dance events everybody and anybody should attend around Boston and its surrounding areas if they want to learn or just have a little fun.

Between Suffolk University’s numerous dance shows, the underground dance battles held specifically for Boston’s college crowds (and older), and different type of styled dance classes ranging from swing dance to Bollywood, I felt that it would be different and entertaining to visit a few and breakdown Boston’s break downs.


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