Suffolk University’s W!cked presents: “Boston’s Best Dance Crew”

So Suffolk University’s一I know, I know, you guys are probably like: “We get it! Suffolk’s dance community’s super alive”一But what can I say? This place has been down with dance fever for weeks now, and I’ve caught up with it! So as I was saying, Suffolk University’s longest running and (let’s be real here), most popular dance group, W!cked hip-hop dance crew, created their own Bostoninan-esque take on a popular tv dance show. This time last year, “Boston’s Best Dance Crew” (based off of the popular MTV competitive dance television series America’s Best Dance Crew) was born, and just a few weeks ago, the competition proved to have already gotten bigger and better. Last year, members of the team had split up and assembled themselves into small crews and competed against each other. This year, the program was riddled with exhibition teams and teams from local schools and colleges like Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and Northeastern University.

On March 4, one of my teammates and I rushed across Suffolk University’s spread out campus after one of our Trxbe performances. It was already 7:15, and we had bought tickets for the show, which had started at 7:00. We quickly and quietly shuffled into a hot, dark, and incredibly crowded C. Walsh theater, seating ourselves in the tiny front seats of the auditorium’s balcony. One of the competing crews had just performed their final steps when we walked in, and shortly after the evening’s hosts W!cked alumni and last year’s captains, Teonna Anderson and Emyline Lumasag enthusiastically pranced onto the black wooden stage, in their W!cked jerseys from the previous year. The two hosts kept the crowd amped up the entire evening, never once missing an opportunity for jokes, freestyle dance moves, or crowd participation. Current members of W!cked took to the stage in in between acts, to parade some of their newest choreography, as well as some of their fresh new W!cked merch.

The teams were hands down some of the most amazing hip-hop teams I had ever witnessed in person. I have to admit though, my personal favorite of the evening were indeed the dancers who leapt for joy with the huge first place check in their hands, screaming “Mocha! Mocha! Mocha! Moooves!” That’s right, the Mocha Moves hip-hop team hailing from M.I.T. was the crew to win it all. I might have snapchatted almost every single sixteen-count of their performance, and whoever watched those snaps could definetly tell that my heart was doing somersaults in my throat while I was watching these dancers, probably because screamed “MY HEART” in every single one of those snaps. Believe me, the experience…Gave. Me. Life.


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  1. suffolkwrites · April 17, 2016

    Can I add that I love how C. Walsh can be transformed from a space that hosts Faculty Assembly to a space that hosts dance teams? I promise I’m making it to a dance performance this semester!


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