We All Belong To a TRXBE

Of all of the words that end up in these blog entries, “Trxbe” is probably one that you all see the most. Trxbe is (as I’ve mentioned in my other posts…and if you haven’t seen those you should go check them out) Suffolk University’s African Hip Hop dance team. Usually Trxbe is introduced as the newest addition to Suffolk’s performing arts groups…because, well, it is. The team was pulled together during the spring semester of 2014, by Bethany Osamede Ogbeifun—Osa for short— a junior from Nigeria, West Africa enrolled in Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. Ogbeifun, says that she was in search of a dance team that she could call home, but none of them were really a perfect fit.

“I created the team because I couldn’t abandon this whole part of my life, just because I’m away at college.” So off Trxbe went, performing at various Suffolk University events, where someone never failed to either pronounce the team’s name wrong, or get Trxbe confused with another team. I remember joining, having felt the way Ogbeifun did, but unsure of how I’d do at auditions because I’d maybe done an African dance once when I was 11, but still was unsure of what African Hip Hop looked like. I asked a friend that I had made at orientation for some advice and she instructed me to search “azonto”. I learned what I could from the videos, but still felt that I looked like I had two left feet. I remember getting to the audition, seeing the team do the azonto once, and thinking to myself that I was screwed. I did the best I could with the choreography, and then freestyled to what I knew how to do best. Dancehall. Turned out it worked. That Monday, I nervously approached the white piece of paper that read: “TRXBE African Hip-Hop Dance Team 2015-2016” and let out an earsplitting shriek when I read my name somewhere towards the bottom of the list.

On April 3, 2016, Trxbe performed their very first off campus gig, at University of Massachusetts Boston’s African Night. The weeks leading up to it were quite laid back, but as soon as the week of the performance came, it was evident that crunch time was upon us, and we practiced every night until 10:00 pm. I even had the privilege of choreographing one of the pieces. Decked in the costume made sweatshirts we had ordered that week however, we completely slayed. Dancing to a mix that started with Panda by Desiigner we brought the heat, and kept the energy going up until the very end, when we concluded the performance with Wande Coal’s Baby Hello.

I came to Suffolk University, hoping to find that one club or group that i could be passionate about participating in, and found a home with Trxbe. In spite of the ups and downs the team experienced throughout this year, I can honestly say that the opportunity to dance was worth it all.


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