Trxbe takes University of Massachusetts Boston (Again!)

This past Thursday, Trxbe ended the school year with a bang. I talked a little bit about our last performance in front of the Suffolk University student body and faculty (yes it’s the one in which I made a complete fool of myself, but it’s okay because I promise that I’m somewhat, sort of over it), our very last performance ever was at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Now, for those of you who have been keeping up (and if you haven’t been go check out other posts), Trxbe’s first performance infront of an off campus crowd, was just last month at the University of Massachusetts Boston, for the African Student Association. During our last practice of the year, our team leader announced to us that we were being invited back, to perform at an event that was being hosted by the Cape Verdean Student Association. Unfortunately, two of our members had to pass, because they had other engagements. Now, we’re currently a team of six people, meaning that only four of us would be bringing the energy and hype, to what after just the second piece feels like an hour long routine. All I could think to myslef, was “lord, help us all.”

When we all got to UMB, it was discernible that all of us were drained, and probable that the four of us weren’t going to be able to deliver as much energy as we had hoped. We had to adjust several spots in our routines, because the others were missing, and we were a bit apprehensive because of it. Warning: I’m going to throw in a first world problem here. I had actually attempted to shave before the event, accidentally drove my razor into my skin, so I had my own little issues going on. We were there because we promised to be there, but we were all just not in the mood. For that three hours before the show, we experienced something that all performers and artists deal with at least 50% of the time. Apathy. We were being lazy, and we didn’t care. But when I tell you that the “5-minutes-’till-showtime” rush is the only cure, believe me, it’s the only cure. When we got out on that stage, we nailed every move, we were in sync, and we most definitely brought the energy, from the beginning to end when we hopped off stage.


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